Absence Procedures

If your child is vomiting, has a fever (over 100°) or diarrhea for at least 24 hours before a class day, you may not send them to SixTwelve. This is to protect the other students and the teachers so that we can welcome your child back when he or she is healthy and learning can continue. If you will not be sending your child to school due to illness, or any other reason, please call SixTwelve (405-208-8291) to leave a message. We will return your call and check on your student as soon as possible.

Younger Siblings

When on the SixTwelve grounds during pickup or drop off, all younger siblings must be supervised by a parent or guardian and are expected to follow the same rules as those enrolled in ASAP program. Your children may not be unattended on the SixTwelve property. 


If prescription medication is to be administered at SixTwelve, it must be in the original prescription containers accompanying a note from the prescribing physician and a release from the legal guardian allowing The ASAP teachers to administer the medication.

Dress Code

Please dress your child appropriately for the weather each day. We will be playing outside every day and we want to make sure that each student is allowed to participate in games and fun! Please make sure that your child always wears closed-toe, rubber soled shoes and a jacket and hat if needed.


We will acknowledge and celebrate your child’s birthday at SixTwelve by singing happy birthday. Parents may send special (non sugar) snacks on their birthday, but we will not have birthday parties during ASAP. No open flames are allowed on the premises, so no candles, please. We have very little time with your child and want to make the most of it. In addition, we want to make sure that every child is treated the same.

Emergency Policies: Weather/Fire/Intruder Procedures

In case of fire, we will line up the students outside, away from the building until firefighters give us the all clear to return. In case of Intruder we will have children immediately go to one of the bathrooms and lock the door, with adult supervision, while we phone police. If we see that exiting the building will be the best course of action, we will make that decision at the time. After phoning the police, we will begin to inform parents. For all weather emergencies we will take shelter in the basement. For earthquake we will have children take shelter either under tables or in a doorway with an adult.

Medical Release

Each child’s guardian must sign a medical release form, giving further information about each student’s health needs and giving permission for The ASAP teachers to call 911 in case of an emergency.

Social Media

ASAP will periodically post images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are welcome to follow us on the following accounts:

Facebook: SixTwelve 

Twitter: @612okc 

Instagram: @612okc

You will be provided with a social media form to sign. If you would not like your child to be seen on social media, please indicate your wishes on this form. We will either blur your child’s face or make sure their faces are not seen. Also, we will not post any children’s names on social media.

SixTwelve Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Policy

All employees and volunteers for student activities, PreK through High School, must provide SixTwelve with accurate and up to date contact information, including, but not limited to, birth date, social security numbers, full name and other names that they have had previously, address and phone number.

Background checks will be conducted on all staff, volunteers and other individuals that will be in contact or in the building while students are present before they are permitted to work or volunteer in connection with student activities. No person shall be permitted to be connected to SixTwelve who has been charged with any type of child abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.)

SixTwelve will have at least two adults present with students at all times. In the event of an emergency when only one adult is available to stay with students while the other adult is transporting a student or conferencing with a parent/guardian, the remaining adult shall be in a location where others can see them. The door to any room in which SixTwelve student activities take place shall remain open. No student engaged in SixTwelve sponsored activities will ride in a car with an adult who is not their parent/ guardian, without the express consent of the custodial parent/guardian.

Reporting Procedure

Any person who has any knowledge of any allegation or acts of sexual misconduct or molestation or abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) is required by law to report the matter to the Department of Human Services. See, Okla. Stat. tit. 10, §7101, et seq. In addition, the person shall immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Executive Director and the SixTwelve Board of Directors. The staff or volunteers shall not attempt to investigate the alleged misconduct by shall take such actions as the staff member or volunteer believes are necessary for the safety of the student involved. The staff member to whom the report is made shall make a written record of the report and provide that record to the Board of Directors immediately. A written record of the report shall be maintained by the Board of Directors of SixTwelve for future reference.


Corporal punishment or abusive language may not be used by the staff and/or volunteers involved with students under any circumstance. This includes behavior or language that constitutes verbal, emotional or physical abuse, and behavior or language that is threatening or demeaning.

Billing and Costs

The cost for ASAP is currently $250/month for attending three days/week $166/month for attending two days/week and $83/month for attending one day/week. We do have one full scholarship and multiple partial scholarship opportunities available. They are offered on a first come-first served basis. We will do everything we can to help accommodate the needs of our families and make it possible for kids to attend our programs. Billing occurs at the beginning of each month and is due two weeks after the invoice is sent by email. You may pay by check, cash or card, online or in person. 


The parents, students and staff of ASAP are asked to treat each other with respect, tolerance, kindness, and consideration. Students must exhibit professional, respectful classroom conduct at all times and will be asked to leave a class or activity for inappropriate behavior, including yelling, using profanity, bullying or fighting.

The following procedures will be followed consistently in the event participants behave unacceptably

a) First offense: the ASAP Director will discuss the problem with a student. 

b) Second offense: the ASAP Director will discuss the problem with a student’s parent/guardian.

c) Third offense: the ASAP Director will notify the parents or guardian of the students dismissal from the program. 

NOTE: Serious or disruptive/destructive behavior that interferes with normal Program operation will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal with no previous notice to a parent/guardian.

Any inappropriate behavior by a parent, including verbal abuse of a student or staff member or confrontations with staff members in the presence of a student, is grounds for termination of the family’s participation in the Program without notice. A suspension or termination decision may be appealed by contacting the Program Director.