SixTwelve Field Trip Permission Form

During camps or classes, we will sometimes take field trips for nature walks, photography safaris or other fun excursions. We will always let parents know where we will be and when, but filling this out gives SixTwelve permission to take your student off campus for these trips. Please fill out the following form. Your name counts as an electronic signature. Thank you!

Student Name *
Student Name
Parent/Legal Guardian's Name *
Parent/Legal Guardian's Name
Parent/Legal Guardian's Phone *
Parent/Legal Guardian's Phone
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Name
If we can't reach you, who should be the next person we call?
Emergency Contact Phone *
Emergency Contact Phone
If this is a driving trip, do you give permission for your child to ride in either a vehicle reserved by/owned by SixTwelve or another parent? *
By check "Yes" you agree not to hold other parents, SixTwelve, Spark LLC or Amy Young responsible for accident or injury unless negligence is proven.
Do we have permission to call 911 if needed? *