SixTwelve grows community, and a growing community needs to eat well. SixTwelve’s Forever Food Forest provides access to delicious, inexpensive, and nourishing food for everyone. It is a habitat for wildlife, creates a beautiful healthy ecosystem, and provides multiple educational opportunities. We understand that some folks lack the knowledge or skills necessary for producing or acquiring hyper-local food. We want to change this. In just over a year, our community garden has already begun producing food, providing immediate educational opportunities. Since planting our gardens in February 2016, we have hosted multiple workshops and events, all emphasizing the growth of food, sustainability, and community.

SixTwelve’s food forest is a sustainable, perennial ecosystem that yields an abundant amount of food. This system provides the opportunity for replication and sharing throughout our neighborhood and city. Our recently planted fruit orchard, provided by Transition OKC, establishes the basic elements to create the self-sustaining systems of the forest. While waiting for the orchard to mature and produce fruit, we would like to supplement the biodiversity of the forest with quickly developing berries and other perennial food plants. 

SixTwelve’s Forever Forrest will become a reality with two events. Soon we will host a four hour Garden Like the Forest Workshop. This workshop will be open to the public and will focus on teams creating self-sustaining edible gardens that require minimum maintenance and can be replicated by attendees at their homes. Second, we will host one kids' summer camp focused around DIY and urban farming. This camp will feature a perennial garden component in which the youth will help design and implement sections of our Forever Food Forest. When established, our small forest will provide the plant stock and seeds necessary to perpetuate similar gardens into the future.

Check our Calendar page for info on upcoming Sustainability events!