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Helloooooooo Campers!

Thank you so much for signing up to participate in our very first SixTwelve Adult Summer Camp! We are excited to have you join us tomorrow at SixTwelve at 1pm! We need a little information from you in order to know best how to serve you. If you don't mind filling out the form below tonight, we'd be so grateful! 

The schedule has changed a little over the course of this last week because we only had 5 people sign up, but the only change is that we've cut the SixTwelve Camp Dance. We didn't want to make you feel awkward if you didn't want to dance (or the DJs), but we can still go to Buriloop if you choose to join us! We have had four more people join us today, so it is going to be a great day for everyone!

The schedule will be as follows:

1pm: Welcome, Ice Breaker and Scavenger Hunt in Paseo

2pm: Arts and Crafts with Laura 

3pm: Gardening with Paul

4pm: Cooking Class with Scotty Irani of In The Kitchen with Scotty

5pm: Dinner in the "Mess Hall!"

6pm: "Wet Hot American Summer" movie at The Tower Theatre (425 NW 23rd Street)

8pm: If people want to go to Buriloop at the OKC Farmer's Market Building, we'll do that! If you don't want to go, camp will adjourn at after the movie.

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Do you want to join us for Buriloop (dance party at OKC Farmer's Market) after camp? *
Do you give SixTwelve permission to photograph and video you while at camp? And do you give us permission to share these images/video on our social media and website for promotional purposes? *
Hold Harmless *
Do you agree to hold SixTwelve, Spark LLC, The SixTwelve Board and Staff, and Amy Young harmless for any injury or loss while on the SixTwelve/Spark LLC property, at Tower Theatre, at Farmer's Market OKC or while in transit between these locations, caused by anything other than abuse and/or negligence by the SixTwelve Staff?
By signing your name in the box below, you agree to all terms set forth by you in the questions above.