SixTwelve Residency Program

From 2015-2018, SixTwelve conducted an invitation-only residency pilot program, providing opportunities for creative people from Oklahoma City, Savannah, GA and Chicago, Illinois. (Click here to see past residents!) Each residency presented varied experiences for both the resident and the community in which they worked. This is the first time to open up our program to applications and we are very excited about this step! Our vision for this program is to provide more opportunities for creative people in the areas of art, music, film, dance, writing, cooking, farming and more. It’s all creativity! We grant a place to live (if the resident isn’t local), a stipend for time, materials & travel, and connections to organizations and people within the residency city. In turn, the resident completes a body of work and gives something to the community where they are located (usually working with children), so dream big about what you’d like to give this universe. We’re here to support you in any way that we can, and hopefully the opportunity to work in another community will widen your reach and visibility, creating more opportunity for you and a stronger bridge between Oklahoma City and Savannah (and eventually between other locations all over the country!)

the application period for 2019 residencies has closed.

Who is eligible? At this point any artist, musician, chef, dancer, filmmaker, writer, farmer or gardener from Oklahoma City, OK or Savannah, GA (or anyone who has lived in those two cities and still have roots in either place) are eligible for this SixTwelve residency.

Available Residency Facilities: At this point, SixTwelve residencies take place at SixTwelve in Oklahoma City or at a little blue cottage located in the beautiful historic district of Savannah, Georgia. This two-story house belongs to SixTwelve Co-founder, Amy Young, and she wishes to share it with creative people who are willing to share their gifts with this wonderful community that she loves. The upstairs acts as a studio, while the downstairs acts as living space. The house sports a little courtyard with a tall privacy fence and one parking spot. Within the SixTwelve community center location in OKC, selected residents will be given an apartment and will have access to our main room which will be used as a teaching, creating and gathering space, an exhibition space at the SixTwelve Gallery at Tower Theatre, our brand new SixTwelve Community Kitchen (*for chefs and cooks), the SixTwelve Community Gardens and more.

Stipends: SixTwelve will provide a $500 travel stipend for residents to help them get to and from their host city and a free place to live. We will also provide $612 per week in payment for time and a $2,000 materials budget. (If more is needed for materials, we will consider collaborating with residents on grant applications if enough time is given for that preparation. No guarantees can be made by SixTwelve for additional funding.)

Residency Periods: Residency dates will occur in June, while we are hosting summer camps at SixTwelve and can last from 1 to 4 weeks, depending upon the projects proposed, the needs of SixTwelve and the availability of the resident. We understand that chefs may not be able to leave their restaurants for more than a few days. We will take this into consideration during the selection process.

Residency Requirements: As stated above, all SixTwelve residents are responsible for creating work of their own (which remains the property of the resident) and giving something back to the community. This will mean different things for different residents, but all Oklahoma City residents are expected to work with and lead a summer camp for at least one week. Our staff will be on hand to help with this camp in the areas of planning and implementation. Due to the nature of our residency work with children, All residents will be background checked if selected. In addition to leading one week of camp, each resident is asked to engage with the adult OKC community by giving a talk, lecture, reading, or performance. In Savannah, each resident is expected to create work (the upstairs level of the Savannah cottage acts as a studio) and will be connected to a community group, gallery or organization which will provide gallery space and an opportunity for teaching or sharing about your work.

SixTwelve does not discriminate in its programs and activities on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, gender identity, genetic information or physical disability.