SixTwelve Residency Program

From 2015-2018, SixTwelve conducted an invitation-only residency pilot program, providing opportunities for creative people from Oklahoma City, Savannah, GA and Chicago, Illinois. (Click here to see past residents!) Each residency presented varied experiences for both the resident and the community in which they worked. This is the first time to open up our program to applications and we are very excited about this step! Our vision for this program is to provide more opportunities for creative people in the areas of art, music, film, dance, writing, cooking, farming and more. It’s all creativity! We grant a place to live (if the resident isn’t local), a stipend for time, materials & travel, and connections to organizations and people within the residency city. In turn, the resident completes a body of work for themselves and gives something to the community where they are working, so dream big about what you’d like to give this universe. We’re here to support you in any way that we can, and hopefully the opportunity to work in another community will widen your reach and visibility, creating more opportunity for you and a stronger bridge between Oklahoma City and Savannah (and eventually between other locations all over the country!)

announcing our 2019 residents:

The Brothers Griiin

The Brothers Griiin, photo: Geon Tillinghast

The Brothers Griiin, photo: Geon Tillinghast

You may recognize the Brothers Griiin as the fearless drumming duo behind The Flaming Lips, but after the show these international DJ destroyers bring the party to the people.  

Matt Duckworth (Stardeath and White Dwarfs) and Nicholas Ley (Colourmusic) were friends as regulars in the Oklahoma music scene until they each got the call to join the Flaming Lips in early 2014.  The plan was to alternate drumming duties for the Lips in between their other tours at first, but after a few shows with both drummers it was decided that the Lips would only play with the "Brothers".  Matt and Nick learned quickly how they complemented each other with acoustic and electronic drums but also how their ability to swap duties within the band and offer other musical options.  

It was during the preparation for the Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz tour that Matt and Nick realized there was another musical venture they'd like to tackle together.  "These days, the rock bands at festivals end fairly early.  And our club shows do too.  For those of us in the band and crew who weren't ready to pack it in for the night, we had limited options.  None of the DJ's at the after parties were playing music we liked, so we decided to start our own party..." says Ley.  Duckworth confirms "Yeah, we didn't start DJing as much as we just started taking control over the after-party.  So now we look for places for our friends and fans to continue partying after the Lips' explosive live shows get everyone riled up.   Eventually, we'd like to just be the party."  

The Brothers Griiin aren't stopping there though.  With their new found love of music curation, Matt and Nick are starting to remix songs for other artists and are beginning work on their first record of original material. The purpose of their SixTwelve residency is multifaceted. While in Savannah this June, they will have the opportunity to focus on writing this first original album while collaborating with local musicians and songwriters, thereby creating our first musical bridge between OKC and Savannah. 

When you catch them live, the Brothers have no genre or playlist, they just spin what the party needs, all night long.  Mixing funk, hip hop, pop, indie and dance, these gladiators of style and taste keep the drinks full and the dance floor packed.  Go party with them, you're all invited.

It will be loud. 

It will be wild. 

It will be Griiin. 


Gabriel Friedman, seen here with the woven willow play hut he built for SixTwelve’s PreK program in 2017

Gabriel Friedman, seen here with the woven willow play hut he built for SixTwelve’s PreK program in 2017

Fantasy Tree House, Gabriel Friedman

Fantasy Tree House, Gabriel Friedman

Gabriel considers himself a myriad of things... “an artist, father, designer, builder, Okie, fixer, crafts person, gardener, explorer, photographer, organizer, teacher, naturalist, city dweller, skateboarder, idea factory... I studied most available avenues of art at Classen SAS in high school, then attended The Art Institute of San Francisco, The Boston Art Institute, The Chicago Institute, University of Central Oklahoma, and again The Art Institute of SF. I worked as a freelance photographer, writer, artist, designer, magazine editor in California and Europe in the skateboard industry in the 2000s. I took a hiatus from most normal ‘art’ for about 10 years to study wood craft, primitive skills, sustainable framing practices, nature skills, carpentry, blacksmithing... and other random stuff. I taught and co-taught workshops with adults and children focusing on blacksmithing, knife making, Japanese timber framing, carpentry, basket making, etc through out the decade. I have recently felt the calling back to more traditional ‘creative’ practices… I am finding a space to combine all my experiences and talents to contribute to building a healthier, more open minded, magical, and exciting community for my daughter and her generation to experience… I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to collaborate with children in my immediate community to design and build full size natural material play forts. I have also started experimenting in scaling down this idea by building ‘tiny’ fantasy tree houses... Both full sized and my ‘tiny’ fantasy play houses have been constructed out of mainly locally foraged materials.”

During Gabriel’s residency, he will be working with our PreK class to design a larger fantasy play house and will build it to live on the SixTwelve property. He will also work with our Urban Farm and Creativity Camp kids to design and build two large fantasy tree houses, which will be installed in two locations around the Paseo neighborhood and will help the campers to design and create their own. Through this process our kids will gain building skills that could be applied to other projects down the road. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!