Katherine Sandoz, Savannah, Georgia

Katherine Sandoz is a painter, illustrator and maker living and working in Savannah, Georgia. She specializes in paint and fibers-based works. She also create installations from native and up-cycled or repurposed materials. Katherine relies on research, a conceptual framework and storytelling while working with beautiful and meaningful materials.  Additionally, she creates concepts and builds strategies for visual communications for businesses, organizations and individuals.  

Katherine came to us for two weeks in June of 2015 and was the first resident and Savannah artist in Oklahoma City. While here, Katherine worked with young children at a one-week camp where they made flags out of recycled and donated fabrics. She also worked with adults the following week, creating banners, based on flora she found in neighboring gardens, which hung from the windows of SixTwelve. While creating and sewing with adult students, she simultaneously gave professional development iservices to artists looking to further their practice and career. Katherine volunteered with deadCenter Film Festival and became a part of the “Oklahoma City Art Team.” She was the perfect “first” artist to bring in and set the bar very high for those to follow.