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Beekeeping Re-Skill Class

Join SixTwelve in welcoming Forest Chapman as he presents “The Amazing World of the Honeybee”. Discover a honeybee's life cycle and how they communicate inside and outside of the hive. Learn about the tricks and tools of the trade, hive designs, pest and management, and much more. After the presentation, we will move outside for a hands on beekeeping equipment exploration and a live demonstration on extracting honey from the comb, ending with a taste testing of local and regional honey.

Forest Chapman has been a beekeeper for several years focusing on naturally keeping honeybees without using harsh commercial chemical. Using essential oils and the best natural products he can find in all of his handmade treatments.

He is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association. His job duties include traveling across the state of Oklahoma promoting beekeeping by tabling and guest speaking at many different events related to Beekeeping, the Environment, Gardening and Native Landscaping.

Forest is the 1st Certified Naturally Grown Beekeeper in the state Oklahoma; He is one of only Six Certified Naturally Grown Beekeeper in the 6 boarding states of Oklahoma.

He is involved in the follow associations:

Certified Naturally Grown

Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association

Oklahoma Native Plant Society

Oklahoma Organic Gardeners Association

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